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Sports Video Analyst


In late 2016 I witnessed my son get hit behind play.. I was mad. The hit was missed by the umpires and as a parent I saw red. I eventually calmed down and from that moment I developed a camera system which can be used for Sports analytics with safety an extra bonus.
If Football Clubs had comprehensive cost effective coverage of games from multiple angles they can improve player performance that would enhance results, give coaches invaluable insights, and would give participating clubs an edge over their competition.
As an ex-competitor and coach myself (AFL), I knew this was a game changer.
I would like to support you and your club get that edge, combined with the security that all people want and will endorse.
The system is called The Safe Insights Monitoring System

This footage was shot with one camera fully zoomed out on a make shift pole.
CTG has a Safety & Sports Analysis system package that suites your Football club.