Custom designed solutions to their wireless
communications needs.


Solutions provides people with network connectivity


“Connecting People” solutions provides people with network connectivity using Wi-Fi Technology, on either 2.4GHz and/or 5GHz unlicensed frequencies spectrum.

This enable mobile computing devices, tablets and smart phones to connect. These devices are revolutionising the way that we conduct our day to day business. Devices can be handheld or vehicle mounted and connected to the organisation’s voice, data or video systems. We build these networks using the Ruckus Wireless Zoneflex system. Our focus is in operational simplicity, robust coverage and high performance.

Consider some of the applications:

  • In education institutions laptop devices and IPADs are being used by students and teachers to access educational content.
  • In hospitals and health care facilities nurses and doctors are using handheld devices for patient management.
  • In warehouses staff uses barcode scanners and RFID readers to precisely locate stock.
  • In offices we move laptops and tablets around to facilitate cooperative workplaces.
  • In water treatment plants engineers move among the plant changing its operational parameters and seeing the results.
  • In ice skating rinks maintenance staff use wireless VOIP phones for access to their voice communication systems.

Machine to Machine networks (M2M)


The Internet of Things or Machine to Machine networks (M2M) use a variety of wireless and wired technologies to interconnect sensors and machines to control systems.

“Connecting Machines” portfolio uses IP wireless technologies to connect sensors and machines to networks.

This allows organisations to use a single IP network to support not only their corporate voice, data and video networks but also other typically separate systems such as building management, CCTV, alarm, internal two way radio and video distribution.

Our mesh and point to multipoint (PtMP) radio systems allow the rapid and cost effective deployment of IP based wireless devices IP capable devices and the secure connectivity to the organisation.