Complex Technology Group Is 100% Australian owned. We have been looking after the security needs of the community, in both the domestic and commercial market, since 2001. Our specific aim is to give the market a credible alternative to existing larger and less personalised companies. Our company always remains abreast of Australian Standards and state police compliancy requirements.

CTG is built on a reputation which inspires us to:

  • Service world class products. Solve clients’ problems through the provision of expert advice, quality
  • Provide solutions to clients’ needs in the fairest and most ethical way.

Company stability and profitability guarantees our ability to enforce service and warranty conditions, removing any risk of being left without future support. Our purchasing power allows us to provide equipment to you at the best possible prices and our in-house resources allow us to directly control and manage all aspects of our security services.

The Director has always been determined to set the standard for the industry. His unrelenting dedication to professional standards has given Complex Technology Group the highest reputation among quality security providers.

What makes Complex Technology Group special?

  • Dedication to the highest quality standards in service and systems.
  • The best and most experienced people.
  • Personalised solutions to individual needs.
  • Adherence to both Complex Technology Group established Code of Ethics and the Australian Security Industry Association Limited (ASIAL) Code of Practice.

Complex Technology Group delivers:

  • THE RIGHT ANSWER – The right systems, service and people who are dedicated to your individual security needs.
  • RELIEF FROM WORRY – A history of quality installations with the best guarantees in the industry.
  • COMPETITIVELY PRICED CONTROL – Relax with the benefit of having professionals in full control, backed by the keenest pricing structure in the industry.

Complex Technology Group  designs solutions to individual needs.
We advise on and supply products and personal services featuring:

  • In-house, fast response control room, allowing our clients direct contact withoperators, service staff and management.
  • Dedicated, quality monitoring for 24-hour effective response to your every need.
  • Our own team of professional consultants and service technicians who are always available to provide you with the best back-up support in the industry. The highest quality installation, which minimize your system against false alarms.
  • Australian ownership, which keeps abreast of Australian Standards.

Complex Technology Group supplies only the latest world-class equipment, which allows us to design the ideal system for you. Our people are at the forefront of knowledge and training. Their skills and expertise work for you in an unbeatable combination.

Systems include:

  • Monitored integrated security and smoke detector systems, which give you maximum protection with room to grow as your requirements change.
  • Closed circuit television monitoring and covert surveillance keeping you in constant control.
  • Remote wireless systems for quicker installation, greater convenience, ease of operation and portability.
  • Local alarm systems, ranging from essential burglar deterrence to sophisticated technology to keep you worry-free.

All the equipment and installations are backed by full warranties. Complex Technology Group is proud to back every service, product and installation with unconditional guarantees.


In addition to the conditions of the Australian Security Industry Association Limited (ASIAL) Code of Practice, Complex Technology Group requires that its staff:

  • Deal with the members of the public with honesty, integrity and candour.
  • Treat fellow staff with the courtesy and respect they would expect to receive themselves.
  • Will not engage in false or misleading advertising on behalf of the company, its staff, products or services, or those of allied companies and/or suppliers.
  • Will not make claims or suggest information designed to, or able to, cause fear in clients or potential clients.

It has always been of utmost importance to Complex Technology Group to have a public stated policy on ethics. It is of primary concern to Complex Technology Group to deliver all services within the recommendations set-out in the ASIAL ‘Code of Practice’, which can be made available for your perusal.

We at Complex Technology Group guarantee personalised attention in every aspect of your dealings with us. Our clients appreciate the personal approach they receive when they call our company. A list of valued clients, who have been more than happy to add credence to our endeavours, is available for your perusal.

We are very proud of our company and the quality of service we offer and look forward to being of service to you in the future and would, in closing, like to draw your attention to our client-focused vision.